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How Branding Display Increases Sale? In my opinion, every business that is set up was done for two major reasons

  1. To provide a solution to the ‘why’ the business was created
  2. To make a profit

Now let keep our eyes on B. which for me is absolutely important. It becomes a sad story when a business fails to provide B, so beyond the brainstorm on how to create innovative solutions is also the brainstorm on HOW DO WE SELL AND MAKE PROFIT?

The question above could have multiple answers to it of which one would be Branding Displays ads, of course! one way of making more sales is reaching more potential customers in digital marketing that would refer to as making more impressions. 


These are elements that ensure your brands get the maximum visibility that it can get., thus a means to building a positive brand perception, reach potential customers noting that the more visibility you create means better the number of impressions and recall rates. The ripple effect of creating awareness is SALES!


There are lots of branding displays that could be used to increase your business visibility, some of these includes;

  • Signages (Glass signages, Outdoor signages, Logo cut-out signages)
  • Lobby signage
  • Car branding (A powerful mobile ad)
  • Roll-up banners
  • Giant Flags
  • Danglers
  • Floor signages
  • Banners


For whichever display you choose to go with one thing you must make sure is that you are doing it right and sending the right message that creates the wanted perception on the viewer.

It is therefore important that you know what makes a good display.

  1. Your display should be bold
  2. The design should be simple
  3. It should be attractive: Use compelling colors
  4. It should be cost-effective.


Let’s do an exercise, Let say company A, a company that provides interior designs decides to brand their cars with the company name and the service they provide and give to four staffs, every day these staffs drive these cars to work, to church, to parties, their kid’s school, etc. Let’s now say an average of 50people which could be more and represent potential customers see these cars for each location they visit, so we have (4) branded cars (4) different locations. so, 1 car could generate 200 impressions (potential customers) a day while the 4 would be generating 800 impressions. Amazing right?  Note: This number (800 impressions) can even be higher and to think that branding a car won’t cost you a fortune, Best jump on this one, but wait there are many more cost-effective brands displays that can be used to repeat this amazing brand visibility and sale boost.


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