Color Psycology

Colors directly or indirectly affect our choice decisions in purchase, design, branding and many other case studies, however most times 90% of us just use these colours without actually knowing that they have much more meaning than just being colors.

Colors can play two major roles in branding; they can either play as a brand differentiator or affect customers on an emotional level. As a brand differentiator colors can help a brand stand out in the crowd while on an emotional level it changes the way customers feel about a brand.  

Brands pay much attention to their visual identity, as it is a major channel by which brands are remembered by their clients. Brand visual identity includes the logo, words, and design. One visual component that people never seem to forget is color. In fact, color raises brand recognition by up to 85%.

For instance, just as you will confuse every red can drink for CocaCola so also you will choose to do business with some companies just because of their ambiance. The relationship between color and branding reveal that up to 90% of quick judgments made about products can be based on color alone.

Whether you’re a designer, printer, event planner, web designer or a business owner, understanding color meanings and symbolism helps you choose the right color that sends your brand message, so for instance you wont choose red for an agricultural brand but green as green will send the perfect message that suits the brand.

color psychology

Colors and its significance

Choosing a color that suits your brand design will be less stressful after this article. Below are some colors and their meaning and so the next time you are choosing a color, you will be choosing right.

  • Red –The color red symbolizes Danger, Passion, Love, Excitement, Strength, Blood & Energy
  • Orange – I bet you never knew that orange meant Fresh, Youthful, Creative & Adventurous
  • Yellow – The colour yellow will pass perfect for brands with an Optimistic, Cheerful, Playful & Happy brand message.
  • Green – Green symbolizes Natural, Vitality, growth, productivity Prestige & Wealth
  • Purple – Royalty, Majesty, Spiritual & Mysterious
  • Blue – Blue will be a perfect color if you choose to start up a communication brand as it symbolizes Communication, Trustworthy, Calming & Depressed
  • Brown – Organic, Wholesome, Simple & Honest
  • Black – Black is a delicate color to use however it bears great meaning such as Sophistication, Formal, Luxurious and Sorrowful
  • Pink – Feminine, Sentimental, Romantic and Exciting
  • White – The new age designer love to play with a lot of white space because it symbolizes Purity, Simplicity, Innocence, and Minimalism

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