How Branded T-Shirt Design Can Help your Business to become Number One. (Contd.)

3. Great Conversation Starters

By simply wearing your branded T-shirt, you attract the many people or persons who want to talk about your company or brand out of curiosity and these people go as far as make enquiries in order to patronize you. A well-designed custom T-shirt proves to be visually stimulating and also acts as a conversation starter. Again, custom T-shirts are good at catching people’s eye and often times leave a lasting impression on them. So when was the last time you wore a unique company branded T-shirt and people commented on it out of curiosity? Just remember a stylish logo, a catchy tagline or an interesting graphic can make your potential customers easily remember your brand and patronize you in the long run.

For instance- The staffs of an online mobile tech hub company in Lagos, called, grew their sales revenue, by effectively utilizing customized T-shirts for branding. They cited that, whenever they wore the T shirt, people often inquired about their company and her products & services. And this gave them a quick opportunity to give a brief elevator pitch and hand out business cards to the interested people. So, having a customized T-shirt for business promotion certainly proves to be a powerful marketing tool.

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4. A tool for Contests & Giveaways. Who Doesn’t Love Freebies?

Giving away your company’s branded T-shirts in a business conference or in some event is a proven way to reach new people and keep the current customers tied to your brand. Ensure you have extra free stack of customized T-shirts at your event, this will surely attract a lot of audience faster than any business card or flier could. The more value you provide to your audience, the more they will be inclined towards your brand. Establishing goodwill with potential customers is essential for the success of any business and this t-shirt giveaway is a step in that direction. Every business should maintain a mailing list and sending your own customized company T-shirts to your mail database straightaway can do wonders for your branding. Give it a try!

Giving away your company branded T-shirts in exciting contests or giveaways over popular social media channels like Facebook, twitter and Instagram also works great. Make sure the contest you come up with is interesting enough to keep the audience hooked and in the process you will also be able to add more likes and followers on your social accounts.

5. Sells your Organization as organized

Providing your staff with your customized T-shirts having your company information such as company logo, name, and tagline displayed on it prominently in front or back portrays your organization as a strong and organized brand, especially because of the uniformity it gives when the branded T-shirts are worn by everyone on any particular day or event.  Doing all these will surely improve your brand identity and keep you ahead of others and consistently put you up to be No. 1

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